Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cany bars, paper towels and other things the green mom worries about...

There were a lot of things that went into my thought process this week...whether we were meeting my goals for going green this year or not, whether our diet was on par with what I have designed for us, and whether or not allowing that occasional candy bar was okay or going to be the end of the world. I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a list of our weekly goals and our monthly goals to just keep myself organized (and from going insane).

So here's the top five goals I want to work on over the next week to month.

1. Eliminating the paper towels. I figure we're currently out anyway, so now's a good time to buy some quality fabric and make some un-paper towels. So this week will be spent looking for the best fabric to use, one that can with stand stains as I am often cleaning up after small children. 

2. Writing up my proposal for a community garden and why I think the city should let me use the land. It's just sitting empty, so if you have any good ideas or links, I'd greatly appreciate them.

3. Resisting that stinking can of Coca-Cola. Especially considering the news article that just came out about them changing the formulas because of the fear of a cancer warning being printed on them. (My soap box here, even though I do partake, is we know it causes cancer but we still allow it in schools, in our bodies, and purchasable on food stamps. *sigh*

4. My fitness routine. I am doing it, but not really pushing myself. I could be pushing myself-and should. So I want will force myself to wear myself out every single night, except Sundays. 

5. And the last big one.. is that candy bar really going to hurt my son? I say yes, dad says no. I just can't fathom purchasing it and feeding it to him knowing all the yucky neurotoxins and ingredients in them. I am very much open to finding an alternative recipe that I can make and freeze for when he *thinks* he needs one.

Of course, in the big scheme of things these may be simple little stepping stones..but isn't there an old saying that goes along the lines of baby steps before you leap...? Maybe I'm confusing my isms. Either way, these will be our baby steps. We've implmented the Sunday bread making, which to the relief of this momma, DH said tastes WWAAYY better than store bought bread any day. Point! *excited, we did it dance here* It won't be long before I have him convinced that family cloth is amazing too....... ;)


  1. LOL I am sipping a coke as I read this. Let me know if you got that one down. I can not give up carbonation...or caffine.

  2. I also struggle w/ number 5. My in-laws are awful about giving my son stuff without asking me. I, myself, rarely say "no" to chocolate, but it pains me to give it to my young son nonetheless. This blog may give you some ideas for some alternative snacks, though: