Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coconut Oil is my new miracle tool!

Not going to lie.. I had heard people talking about this for YEARS! And I'd bought some, dabbled with it, not sure of what I really thought of it. It ended up lost in moving, trashed and gone for ever - until recently. I started with Hybrid Rasta Mama's blog post about it. Which is amazing. Watched patiently as I saw all the other crunchy moms on my pages talk about it throwing in words like, Amazing, Oil Pulling, and inches. I was in awe. I wanted in on the secret. I wanted to know how I could use this to benefit my health as well as my families.

Fast forward to Thursday of this past week! I bought some on our monthly visit to Trader Joe's. I am IN LOVE! It really is everything everyone brags about it being, and more! I have already started using it for several things on the list. It's going in my smoothies, on my skin, on Sister Bear's diaper rash, on Brother Bear's cinnamon toast...the only person in our house who hasn't used it yet is DH. But he will. *mmwwaaahhhaaahhhaaa*

I am impressed with it's ability to moisturize without leaving me greasy (and makes me smell like I"m on a beach va-cay!) I am impressed with how it healed SB's diaper rash, overnight. I am impressed with BB, he gobbled it up on toast and is now demanding more. I can't believe I waited so long to use this product. To add it to my "crunchy" arsenal. I will be trying several things on the list next. I am intrigued by the prospect of it removing moles (#24 on HRM's list) and oil pulling. I am well on my way to never giving up coconut oil again...

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