Saturday, April 7, 2012

Come on legs.. you can keep up!

If you could see my bucket list you might think I'm a little crazy. There are things on there that sane people wouldn't even dream about and crazy people wouldn't even consider! But somewhere on that list is to run a 5k. Now.. I should be fair and tell you, I'm not in any shape to be running. I'm not a runner. It's never been in my DNA, but I figure when I put my mind to something, no one is going to tell me no.

I have an Android, thank the heavens, otherwise I wouldn't be good at this interval training at all. But I looked and found a C25K program (Couch to 5k) that was 1) free and 2) loud enough that it wouldn't get lost in my music. I also found a program to track my route so I have visual progress of how proud of myself I am. *I'm a show-off by nature and wanted to be able to put the fancy status updates on my Facebook page.*

So I just finished week one of my training. I know longer feel like I"m going to die, but I don't feel like I'm anywhere near a 5k. I am doing 14:30 minute miles, which isn't great, but for a beginner, I'll take that I'm going to cover 4 and some change miles in an hour. I can honestly say that I am feeling stronger, leaner *in a week, I know*, clearer and like I can do this! I can make my goal. So for added motivation I've gathered a group of friends and set the date for the 5k we are going to run and can now not give up. Not that I wanted to. It's my kid and spouse free time. Where my mind can clear itself, my aggressions can be released, and I can prove to myself and my body that I am worthy. It's my type of reflection on my goals in life, for myself, for my family and for my children. It's were I can realize my potential is never ending and not a single person can tell me "no". I won't hear it. I know better.

I may only be one week into 8 weeks of training, but I know this time, I won't be giving up. I won't decide in a week or two that I'm not longer going to reach my goal. And not just because I have a half dozen people there to keep me in check, but because I'm there to keep myself in check. I have made up my mind that I want my children to see what a healthy body looks like. I don't ever want Sister or Brother to have weight issues. I want them to know what to put in there bodies, what to do to take care of their bodies and that if you do what your body desires, you'll never have weight issues. You'll be healthy. I want them to know that healthy isn't a size or a number. We threw our scale out! I joined in with a few moms on one of my favorite pages FitPsychology and Fitnessmom and I'm using the tools and inspiration they provide to keep myself on track, but not to be a size 2 or a certain number, but to be healthy. To never have to count calories again! Freedom! And I love it! I love the mindset I have finally gained and the love I have for myself.. and yes.. my legs can *and will* keep up!

Keep it green!

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