Monday, April 23, 2012

Your boobs are meant for what?!

There have been a lot of celebrities in the news lately for breastfeeding related issues. Whether they are breastfeeding in public or giving advice to other new moms, it's garnering a lot of attention for the breastfeeding community.

You'd think nursing your baby wouldn't be something that would catch world wide news, I sure know that when I nurse Sister Bear, no one cares except the old woman at the grocery store who get offended by me not using a cover. (THEY can put a cover over THEIR head!) But it's hard to not understand why they get attention when they say or do something that is wrapped with so much controversy in America.  Here's a few of my favorites....

Thank you Kendra Wilkinson for your sound advice on what to do if you find yourself without a pump. You may have just made yourself truly look like an idiot while setting back breastfeeding by at least a century! Really.. you might have to *suck it out yourself* if you don't keep a pump with you at all times!? Apparently you've never heard of nursing pads to absorb and prevent those unwanted leak marks. Thank you for those lovely remarks you made, not only was it crude.. but it makes it look like an inconvenience to women.

Nicole Richie understands what it's like for the millions of us mothers who have to remove our favorite foods from our diets. While nursing her adorable daughter Harlow she had to remove things like milk, tomatoes and lettuce. She knew that what was best for the babe was her milk and didn't just jump on the "formula wagon" because she didn't want to give up the foods she loved. 

Kourtney K-Dash who is probably my most favorite celebrity of all, responded to her sister Kim's tweet about a woman breastfeeding without a cover on a blogpost. Standing up saying if "My attitude is, if someone sees a little somethin' somethin', don't look if you don't like it."  Did I mention I love Kourtney? Because this might have just made me fall in love with her more! The fact that she is real, and open, about breastfeeding is a step in the right direction. All woman should feel empowered like this to nurse how they choose and when they choose.

Isla Fisher shows the humor that most mom's who breastfeed past a year have! She caught some flack for breastfeeding until her daughter Olive was 2 years old and returned it by saying "I"m only going to stop when Olive goes to University." Now truth be told she isn't, but this is the idea most Americans get when you say you're still nursing your child past the common six months to a year mark. The fact that people think this kind of thought shows how behind we are on what's healthy, normal and common for infants and toddlers. 

Tori Spelling has experienced the inability to produce enough milk. She too thought it was something that just happened, that there should never been an issue. These are common thoughts in our world. Even breastfeeding mothers look down on others who say they can't. The education on both sides of this topic isn't there. I think she shows that no matter who you are, you can never learn enough! She also shows that just because you aren't able, doesn't make you any less of a mother!

And lastly,
Salma Hayek! She has been a champion in the breastfeeding world when she made history for nursing a malnourished infant in Sierra Leone. This is one of the greatest nursing stories in the world! It shows that nursing and love knows no bounds. If I could personally thank her for doing this I would. Because she had more compassion than most. She new what she had could help that baby, and she did it. And the fact that UNICEF supported her with the backlash of it (which there shouldn't have been any) shows that they truly are an organization that cares about the people it helps.

I bet you thought I'd mention Beyonce, Christina Aguleria, or Angelina Jolie. Yes, these are all great woman who have done service to breastfeeding. But so have Jennifer Garner, Naomi Watts, Julie Bowen and the countless other celebrities who have done what's best for their babies! I am really thankful for the trendsetting celebrities who are bring a positive light to breastfeeding and showing America that there is nothing wrong with it! We shouldn't just look at a woman for sexual purposes. A woman in Hollywood who is paid for her looks and talent is no different than you or I breastfeeding. Just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean she shouldn't be allowed to breastfeed. Our breasts were created for function. They can serve dual purposes and still be wonderful!

So now that my rant is done, who's your favorite breastfeeding celebrity?


  1. I agree, I love Kourtney K! She has turned out to be a lot crunchier of a Mama than I had ever thought she would be! <3

    Ugh, I saw something on the E! News website the other day, & I can't remember who it was about, but the author made it sound like nursing a 16 month old was completely inappropriate & gross. I had to comment on the article, because a "news" source w/ such far reach & influence should be more careful about how they present certain topics. It made me sick that the author was so...not only uneducated, but prejudiced-sounding as well! :/

  2. I have also been pleased that several of the 16 & Pregnant girls so far this season have breast fed, sending a much more positive message to teens & young mothers! :)


    1. I'm not a follower of that show because I don't like that it plays a *glamorous* angle on teen pregnancy, but I have read a lot about that. Which is a great step in the right direction. Whether MTV is pushing the breastfeeding or the young moms are getting informed, I'm really glad about that news!!!