Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Upcycling Adventure (Otherwise Known As The Wrap Carrier)

So it's here.. my long ago promised post about how I turned an old fitted sheet into a wrap-style carrier! Let me begin by saying I use this atleast 3x a week and it's held up still. I have no worries about my seam breaking, because I double sewed it. (I am unsure what a "French Seam" is, so I did it my way!)

Here are the tools I used. Simple and easy. An old fitted jersey knit sheet, a standard needle, thread and scissors. I use a tape measure to make sure it was 18 inches wide, but you don't have to do that. You can eyeball it.

As everyone knows, fitted sheets have elastic around the edges to well, make them fitted. I cut closely to the edge, not really worried about how straight it was. I like a "rough" look personally. But if you wanted you too you could make a straight line down the long sides. I also took the seam out of the corners to get more length. in the main part. (I forgot to take a picture.)

I took the big panel left and cut off the edge  to make it completely even. I then folded it in half so that it was equal. (Here is where I used the measure tape to get my 18 inches across.) After I had it equal I cut that in half so that I have two equal pieces. 

Next, I lined up two of ten ends so that it was going to be even when finished. I overlapped the ends by 6 inches. You could do this or you could do a French Seam, which is what most tutorials recommend. I did this way to give her more padding on the back (this will be the part that comes up and holds her) and so that I knew my seams wouldn't give it out. If one did, the other one had it's back. I then pinned them in place so that I could sew them. 

I sewed on all four sides so that it gave me the seams I needed. I did mine by hand because I do not currently have a sewing machine. I crisscrossed the entire way down and back around on all four sides. 

Up close picture of the stitching. I stitched diagonal all around and then did the opposite diagonal coming back to make sure that my stitches would hold up. (Didn't want Sister Bear to crash and boom while wearing!) It took me maybe an hour and half to do the whole project. But, I did it by hand. 

The completed wrap with Rowan in it! I might now have to do a tutorial on how to wrap. ;)

AND JUST BECAUSE.......this is so cute. Brother Bear wanted one, so with the leftover fabric scraps I made one for him to use. Bear-wearing at it's finest!

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