Monday, May 21, 2012

Fresh Start Wednesdays (Starts this week)

Today is Wednesday. Today is the day. The day I attempt start my semi quasi original foods diet. I got the idea from Mandy over at Biblical Homemaking. I love the concept. I pretty much follow it anyway. But I am officially going to be cutting back on dairy and meat. I'll never give up eggs, I love them too much!

So the plan is 80% vegan and 20% non-vegan or "junk" food. Not that that's an issue. We don't really eat junk. Occasionally I crave a box of cheap pasta salad, only to regret it later. So this is more about the focus on eating a lot of really good quality fruits and vegetables. Plus, if I have to cook a hamburger for Papa Bear, I don't want to feel bad if I decide to eat one. Or if I eat an ice cream cone on Friday with Brother Bear. (It's our Friday treat for having a good week!)

So what can I eat? A lot!

Mandy laid her's out like this.

the original food diet “rules”

I'm creating my own scheme of foods based on what I've studied. I'm calling it the "original food" diet. For 40 days, I’ll be following these guidelines for what I eat! :)

My allowed foods are any naturally occurring plant-based foods:
whole grains
seasonings from seed plants

Foods I'll be avoiding: anything artificially or factory-created or any animal meat or animal product.
refined sugars
artificial sweeteners {this is huge for me!

I've tweaked mine just a little bit. I will be avoiding grains. I will eventually eliminate all of them that contain gluten. I'm pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance and rather than spend the money to find out if I'm correct, I''ll just eliminate it. So add gluten to the list of avoiding and put meat and dairy as a "sometimes food" and you've got my list.

So why am I doing all of this?

I'm pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance and a thyroid issue. I'm curious to see if cutting out someone "trigger" foods will help me loose the weight that I'm struggling to shed. I'm currently 5'4 1/2 and weigh in at 215 lbs. I don't look like I weigh that much, but to me, I feel it. All my other stats are normal. Normal heart rate, blood pressure, o2. Everything. So I know that my weight is just a cosmetic issue for me. Not a health issue. I'm not borderline for diabetes, my blood work is perfect. This is simply about the strain my body feels physically and emotionally because of the excess weight I carry around.

I'm not complaining, I'm not moaning. I can do this. This diet is just another step in my journey to make my outside reflect my inside. FOR ME.

Another reason for this overhaul is I'm trying to get closer to God. I want my body to be the Temple he designed it to be. I'm going to feed it things he's put here for me to put in it. Things that I know are designed for me. Designed for my Temple. I know I can do this!

What are you going to do for your "Fresh Start"....I challenge you. :)



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  2. I love your goal of building a better temple for God!

    Unlike you, my health is an issue. My excess weight is largely a result of my health, though. It's sort of a catch-22. So my fresh start is all about taking care of me so that my kids don't have to. So I can run and play with my future grandkids instead of sitting in a wheelchair wishing I could hold them (like my mom currently does).

    Here's to all of us Fresh Start challengees. We can do it!