Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I feel GOOD!

So in the spirit of it being our Fresh Start day, I'd like to take a moment to revisit my plan. To say I am failing at it is lying. I STINK at it. About as bad as my feet stink! (They stink hardcore, fyi.)

Not eating meat is so hard. Not eating pasta is so hard. Not eating bread is so hard. Even limiting them all is so hard! So instead of focusing on removing or limiting them, I am going to focus my energies on simply eating more vegetables and fruits.

No more feeling guilty if I eat a piece of lunch meat when I make Papa Bear's lunch. Instead, I'll eat two more handfuls of broccoli to make myself not be hungry. Yes yes, this does seem kind of counter productive to weight loss, but I'm using that if I put more focus on good foods and less on the ones I want to avoid, then eventually I'll resist it knowing that I'm going to have to force myself to eat *more* food.

So out with the labels! Out with the guidelines! Out with the self pity!

Out I say!

Now, that I'm regrouped, refocused and re-energized- back to the plan (purpose? schedule? goal?).
 I'm not sure what I'm back to. Focus maybe. Focus on myself. Focus on my inner beauty and outward appearance. Focus on things that make me feel good.

So a list, because I do love me some lists!

Things that make me feel good!

  • Coffee and a good book
  • Yoga. 
  • Garlic (Yes! Garlic, I love the smell, taste and potency of it.)
  • Green Smoothies
  • My children's laughs. 
  • Robert's hugs. 
  • Our house being clean.
  • Blogging. 
  • Water. 
  • Sewing. 
  • Reading my Bible.
  • Loving my Amazing, Loving Creator! 
  • Gardens. 
  • Farmer's Markets and Fresh (Local) Organic Produce!
  • Fishing. 
  • Bonfires and camping. 
  • Teaching others a new trick. 
  • Exploring new things with my family. 
  • Cooking.  
  • Music-reading it, making it, singing it (though I am tone-deaf!), playing it, dancing to it...
And though this is a new one for me.. I'm learning to love cleaning. Not because I love the act of it in and of itself, but because it means I'm here for one more day to enjoy this beautiful earth.

So this week, my focus is on me. Myself. I.

Finding out my bliss and focusing on using it to change me, just a little bit at a time. No longer using negatives. Out of my vocabulary are "no, not, can't, won't or unable". I'm replacing them with "I can try, Let's find out, Sure, Give me a minute (I have children!), and determined".



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  1. I love this! The point of the whole Fresh Start Challenge is exactly what you just described: to focus on what makes us feel better. Because in the end, how we feel is really who we are. (Oh. And there's absolutely no way I would ever stop eating pasta, bread, or meat. Just by trying you're already a braver woman than I.)