Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: The Year of Change


Most people are making resolutions that won't stick. Gym memberships increase probably 10 fold. It's like holiday season for gyms out there. But come February the parking lot and equipment see fewer and fewer amounts of spandax. But why?

It's not that we aren't really wanting to make changes. We really do. We want to lose weight, we want to quit smoking, we want to have energy that we used to have... we want, we want, we want.

That's the problem. We don't claim it. We don't change our mindset. We don't start our changes in our minds.

So why the year of change? Why so new-age sounding?

Because this is the year. The year you change your mindset. Starting now. I am. And you no what sealed it for me. {Besides this feeling I cannot get out of my bones.} Putting on a pair of pants of my cousins tonight that were extremely tight. That were making me realize I am not happy with who I have become. I'm tired of preaching what I know to be true, but not following through myself. So this year, is the year I set myself straight. The year I do the things I want to do. The year I make the changes for me.

The year I:
  • Lose a few dress sizes.
  • Buy my land. 
  • Kick of my business. {I'm a doula.}
  • Get my birth attendant certification. {I want to become a midwife.}
  • Take charge of myself.
  • Learn to speak with kindess.
  • Learn to bite my tongue, when necessary. 
  • Open my heart and mind. 
  • Commit to a yoga practice. 
  • Exercise my free will. 
  • Read my Bible daily. 
So what is this year bringing for you? Are you changing your mindset? Are you starting fresh? Are you not making a resolution, but a true change of mind and heart? And what is your purpose behind it?

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  1. I have a long list, too. In fact, I should really write a blog post about it. [Perhaps picking up blogging regularly should be added on to my list?] Among the many things is the new approach we're taking with the kids' mental health issues: no more drugs! That in itself is huge and daunting (but hopeful).

    I love the new look, btw!!!