Monday, May 14, 2012


First of all, let me start by saying Happy Mother's Day! It's so glad to know there are mothers out there who are as loving and support of your children and other mothers as you are all. I hope your family treated you very well and made it a pleasurable day for you!

So, not to burst the bubble of joy and love, but...seriously!?

So we went to the Kansas City Zoo yesterday. They do this thing on Mother's Day where moms get in for free and also get a free ice cream treat from an ice cream company. I went with my two kidlets and my brothers and dad (Papa Bear had to work, boo!). Overall, I had a really great time at the zoo! It was fun. We enjoyed our afternoon and Brother Bear finally got to see the giraffes! (He is in love with them, seriously. He thinks he needs one for is birthday.) Sister Bear successfully nursed 4 times at the zoo! I also saw one other young mom to a new baby nursing! I want to go up and tell her way to go! Good for you! Because, let me tell you. Saying the ZOO WAS PACKED is still an understatement. Even with the caps on!

Now to the thing that drove me crazy! Improper baby wearing! Honestly, if you're going to wear a baby incorrectly, I would rather you put them in a stroller. There is no good reason for a baby to be dangling by their crotch! And talk about having babies facing out before they are old enough of in control enough to do it. There was that too! And how about having infants who can't even sit alone in a back carry....

Seriously, if I hadn't taken my vow of kindness.. I would have had some choice words to say. I didn't want to deflate anyone on Mother's Day. But I really think that if you choose to baby-wear ((Which I FULLY support)) you need to learn how to do it properly.

Now there were some mom's who were doing a phenomenal job. I think out of the 100 or so babes I saw in carriers yesterday I saw 2 Ergo's and 4 Moby's and 1 Ring Sling. No counting my Moby, which equals 8 babes being worn properly. 8 out of a 100. That really worries me! Especially since my carrier and the other two mentioned are a whole lot easier on your back and the baby. I know KC has a baby-wearing group. I think that maybe they need to start attending baby conventions to teach mothers how to properly baby wear.

Does this drive anyone else insane!


This photo came from a fellow blogger. You can find her here.

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