Friday, April 27, 2012

My Love Addiction With Food

I love food. LOVE IT. Not the food you buy in a box, not macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles. I love cauliflower, fish, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, garlic... well you get the picture. I could eat all day long if it was real, local organic food. If it was healthy, clean, and fresh. If it made my mouth dance and my heart sing. Several of my friends and family love my food. *Secretly I'm brain-washing them, convincing them they need to eat organic and free-range only.*  So when it comes to my food here's a few of my favorite meals! Sometimes I steal from a restaurant and make it my own.  Sometimes I wing it based off what sounds good.

I think I might start putting up our weekly meal list. So some of you can get an idea of what I eat, how I eat and where I shop. Ideas, ideas....

So now to the food. I love Burger King's Mushroom and Swiss burger. What I don't love is the processed foods, the carbs and grease. So I made my own version. Presenting.. the Mushroom/Onion Swiss on Pumpernickel.
This features grilled mushrooms and onions sauteed in a tiny bit of EVOO on top of a Organic Free Range Hamburger with gooey melted swiss on a toasted pumpernickel "bun" with a 1/2 Tbsp of Thousand Island Dressing. With a side of broccolini, why would I ever want to eat a BK again? I'm guessing this comes in at around 400 calories for the entire meal, sure beats the 410 calories of just the sandwich.

If you're like me you have a thing for Starbucks! We no longer allow ourselves to go there. We do make our own at home. Here's my version of a Starbucks Vanilla Latte! Not sure where this weighs in on calories, but I do know using real organic whip cream and less sugar probably weighs it in lower. Sure, my bottle of vanilla syrup is $5.23 before tax, but add in the fact that I can make 8-10 of these from that one bottle, with my organic milk and organic fair-trade coffee, that bottle is cheap compared to the price of 10 lattes from Starbucks. Not too shabby

I love Jimmy Johns. But don't love the price tag and carb count on their food. So I make my own, in a wrap. This is my version of their California Club. This is loaded with avocado, tomatoes, sprouts, romaine, cucumber, mushrooms  and sliced provolone cheese with pesto instead of mayo! Lots of veggies and a low calorie count! Can't beat this!

I have several other meals I've made over. You should see my red beans and rice! I love food, but I love real food the most! Have any recipes you'd like me to make over?

Keep it green! 

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