Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preventing the Cycle -FSC #1

Preventing the cycle... sounds like something us women try to do with birth control, doesn't it. But that's not they cycle I'm trying to prevent. {I embrace that one, oddly.}

The cycle I'm wanting to prevent is diabetes, obesity, heart attacks/strokes, autoimmune disorders, poor body image, etc. I want these to be a thing of the past. A poor reminder that at one time, as Americans (and some other countries, but mainly Americans) we made some very poor decisions on the basis of our health. That we allowed others to dictate what we put in our bodies. That we let other dictate how we lived. That we allowed others, mainly big business, dictate our health.

See this isn't about who is skinny and who is fat. This isn't about who's a size 2 and who's a size 16. This is about our hearts, muscles, spines, feet, ankles, and guts. Read that again. Our bodies. But not in the matter of what your clothes look like on them. Or how terrific (or not so terrific) they look in a bikini. This is about how they perform with the tools we are given to fuel them.

They are always saying looking at your body as a machine. Put in {X} number of {Y} and burn {Z} number of {Y} and BAM! size 2.

It's not that simple.

Calories aren't the end all. Life isn't measured in number on a scale or number you put in your mouth. It's about the positives you live in your life. It's about the effort you put into your life.

That effort includes how you maintain your body.

I could go on and on and on {and on..} about how nutrients doesn't equal food. I could tell you how our lifestyles aren't healthy. But we know all that already. We know what we're suppose to eat, how we're suppose to eat, when we're suppose to eat.....*yada, yada, yada*. Are you tired of me yet? 

So where/how do we begin?

We start small. We remove one bad thing at one time. First we remove the processed foods. Stick to the outer aisles. Then excess and refined sugar. Then we up our food. Our plants and meats. Jillian Michaels said it best. If come from the ground or has a mother, it's probably safe to eat. {In her Master Your Metabolism book.} 

We set the example for our children. We know we can cure all these ailments. We know we can end the cycle. But we don't. Eating healthy can be affordable. It can be feasible. IT CAN BE DONE. END OF STORY.

Be the change you wish to see. Everyone knows this quote. So be it. Don't worry about the size or the number or the weight. Worry about how you feel. How your body thanks you {after detoxing} for feeding it real food. Food it knows. Food it can work with. 

And remember. Synthetic nutrients do not equal nutrition.

So stop the cycle. Start with your family. So your children will never know the cycle. 

Like I {and KP} say... take your Fresh Start today!


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  1. Have I told you lately that I love you? Seriously, I thank God for bringing us together on this blog hop. Good things - no great things - are going to happen!