Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall FSC Week 1

So why the awkward photo you ask?

Well, my favorite blogging gal ever (K.P.) is hosting our Fresh Start Challenge again! Though.. she revamped this one for fall. It's last 6 weeks. Starting today.. so uhh... do the math.

Just kidding! It ends November 16th.

Either way... we are making goals. (Stay tuned for my series on making and sticking to goals, we'll learn together.)

So here are the topics covered on this list. I'd love to hear yours in the comments!

Weight: Be around 185. I say around because I'll be happy with 190 but want to have wiggle (pun not intended) room.

Fitness Goal:  My fitness goal is to ontniue and honestly stick with the eFit30 six week bootcamp. Easier said than done, but I'm going to be honest with myself and at the minimum do half of it daily.

Time: Better management of time to create peace in my mind and more outside play time with my kids.

Life:  Refocus my eyes and mind and heart up the Lord. Also, trust my loved ones more to make the best decision without my critical words.

House: Maintain! Create a cleaning routine and stick to it. But also be open to realize that a messy house means the kids and I are probably having more fun doing other things!

A side view (sans bra) to remember where I'm coming from.

So why a revamp? 
Like you, we get stagnant and stale. We need to refresh, ruffle the feathers and put ourselves back in order. That's all this is about. It's not about a challenge between people. It's about the challenge of oneself to get our minds, heart, and eyes back on the focus.

You may have no weightloss goals! You may have no fitness goals! You may have no life goals!
And that's great! I'm glad you're happy and content. 

But you might me be like me (and dare I say, k.p.) and you want to refresh yourself. For your sanity, and your family's.  And that's great too!!

And of course, on our ongoing list is our going green-er. And things are progressing, just not as fast as I'd like them to. But you know, they say, progress is a slow process (unless your Nelly and your a p.i.m.p.) and I'm ready for a slow, steady change. 

Happy Fresh Start! And hats off to you for shaking your feathers out. Shake your tail feather!

Oddly there is a trend Nelly going on here.

Keep it green,

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