Monday, December 10, 2012

A House Divided Can Not Stand.

I have never shared my family's story. It's not that I'm ashamed of it or embarrassed by it. It is what it is. It's our life's journey to this point. And sadly, it's on that affects several families on this Earth.

We have been homeless. We lost everything we owned and we are working to build it back up. But it's not an easy journey back up the hill. Things have gotten bad at times, worse than being homeless even. Life isn't ideal. And we have a lot of outside influence. But I'm finding one thing to be true no matter how much I deny it. God reigns.

He truly reigns.

And the moments, even  fleeting, when we give ourselves over to Him, we have been blessed beyond measure. We are probably two of the most irresponsible adults on the face of the earth. We didn't have a savings, we lost everything... you get the gist of that. We moved into a hotel with a two-year old while I was pregnant. There is nothing like the feeling of failure when you have no jobs, a car that isn't even legally yours, your pregnant and have HG (so you're vomiting nonstop) and you're living week to week.

You cannot imagine the number of bridges we've burned (and still continue to burn to this day because of our lack of FAITH). None of it has really been worth it. It's done the opposite of everything I've ever dreamed my life would be.

But those moments, those beautiful moments, where you know in you heart no matter what others think of you and you trust and let go..... they are beautiful. They are calming and help you release all the tension you have been bottling in yourself for ages. There is nothing more calming than walking in and releasing your burdens. Knowing you won't be judge. Knowing no matter how many times you fail, you'll always be loved.

This might seem way off beat from what I normally post about. But it was important for me to get it out tonight. Maybe one night I will actually post about my family's story. Maybe I will share all the details. It'll be like an MTV True Life special on here. But for now, it is just important for me to remind myself that God reigns.

A house divided (without God) cannot stand. It is impossible to truly build a home and a family without the Lord in the center of your life.

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